How to choose a good Pu Erh Tea?

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This is a very common question when it come to purchase Pu Erh Tea. There are just few criteria to choose a good Pu Erh tea. Please take notes that, the word “good tea” we use here is not equal to good taste. The word “good tea” here represent the tea is good to be consume.

Basically to choose a good Pu Erh Tea, here’s the most simple criteria to follow:-

  • Outlook must be clean
    The most first criteria is to make sure the outlook of the tea must be clean!
  • Must have NO funny and moldy smell
    Try to smell the tea and make sure there is no fully smell or odd odor like moldy smell. Normally when give a smell to Pu Erh Tea, you will notice give a very nice tea aroma, sometimes it might have smoke or woody smell, this is normal.
  • Must have NO mold, fungus or white spot on top of the tea
    Whenever you choose a Pu Erh tea, you have to make sure the tea has no white / yellow spot on top of the tea. Some tea merchant will tell you not all the spot is bad and some are good. Yes, i agree with this, but before we know how to differentiate, do not try your luck. Because majority of these spot is not good for the body. I managed to find a moldy pu erh tea photo for you guys to refer.
    moldy puerh tea, puerh tea mold
  • All the tea leave can be identify easy and they are not glueish
    When you look at a healthy pu erh tea cake, you can easily identify the tea leaves. If you find the surface of the tea cake seems to be a bit glueish and you are not able to identify all the tea leave, try to avoid that. This pu erh tea might be mishandle during the production stage or storage stage. The photo below shows the healthy pu erh tea leave which you can identify each of the tea leave individually.
    nice puer tea leave, healthy pu erh tea

If you are pu erh tea beginner, just follow the criteria above and you shouldn’t be able to get anything bad.